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+(6) 04 261 0288
+(6) 04 226 9993


+(6) 04 261 0288
+(6) 04 262 1288
+(6) 012 515 1288

Business Hour
Spa : 10:00am - 2:00am
Restaurant : 12:00noon - 11:00pm


+(6) 016 480 8203

Business Hour
10:00am - 4:00pm


+(6) 04 899 5888
+(6) 04 898 1188

Business Hour
12:00pm - 11:30pm
(Open Daily)

Set Lunch

            12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

Soup Of The Day's

Choice Of Main-Course

L1. BBQ Chicken RM 28nett
L2. Blackpepper Chicken RM 28nett
L3. Teriyaki Chicken RM 28nett
L4. Cilantro Chicken RM 28nett
L5. Crumb Chicken RM 28nett
L7. Marinated Miso Beef 150gm RM 45nett
L8. Pan-Fried Salmon RM 39nett
L9. Apple Salmon RM 39nett
L10. Baked Cheese Salmon RM 45nett
L11. Barramundi Fish Coated With Crumb         RM 39nett
L12. Batter Fish and Chip (Red Snapper) RM 39nett
L13. Premium Baked Cod Fish - 150gm RM 132nett

Dessert Of The Day's

Ice Lemon Tea

from RM 28nett onwards    

* Terms & conditions applied      

Set Dinner

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Soup Of The Day's

Choice Of Main-Course

D1. BBQ Chicken RM 39nett
D2. Blackpepper Chicken RM 39nett
D3. Teriyaki Chicken RM 39nett
D4. Cilantro Chicken RM 39nett
D5. Crumb Chicken RM 39nett
D7. Marinated Miso Beef RM 55nett
D8. Pan-Fried Salmon RM 49nett
D9. Apple Salmon RM 49nett
D10. Baked Cheese Salmon RM 55nett
D11. Barramundi Fish Coated With Crumb         RM 49nett
D12. Batter Fish and Chip (Barramundi) RM 49nett
D13. Baked Cod Fish RM 132nett
D14. Grilled Halve Lobster RM 132nett
D15. Grilled Whole Lobster RM 198nett
D16. Whole Lobster Thermidor RM 220nett
D17. Lobster Combo (Halve Lobster, Salmon, Prawn) RM 149nett
D18. Seafood with Tomato Bisque (Halve Lobster, Scallop, Cod Fish, Sea-Clam) RM 220nett
D19. Tenderloin Beef RM 132nett
D20. Tenderloin Beef with Halve Lobster RM 238nett
D21. The Rack of Lamb - Marinated Balinese spice RM 160nett
D22. The Rack of Lamb - Marinated Se-Salt RM 160nett

Dessert Of The Day's

from RM 39nett onwards    

* Terms & conditions applied      

Great Taste     

A1. Live Oyster ½ Dozen
1 Dozen
RM 55nett
RM 88nett
A2. Live Oyster - Baked with Cheese ½ Dozen
1 Dozen
RM 66nett
RM 98nett
A3. Soft Shell Prawn with Wasabi Mayo RM 24nett
A4. Cheese Bread 3PCS RM 11nett
A5. Fried Sea-Salt RM 11nett

Salad & Soup
A6. Garden Salad RM 16nett
A7. Smoked Salmon Salad with Wasabi Dressing RM 25nett
A8. Crème of Mushroom Soup RM 18nett
A9. Soup of The Day's RM 12nett

Pasta - Spaghetti
Choice of Sauce : Tomato, Cream, Alio-Olio or Black Pepper
A10. Seafood - Prawn, Clam, Scallop RM 35nett
A11. Scallop RM 35nett
A12. Salmon Fish RM 35nett
A13. Prawn RM 35nett
A14. Vongole (Sea-Clam) with White Wine RM 33nett
A15. Chicken Meatball RM 25nett
A16. Beef Meatball RM 28nett
A17. Blackpepper Chicken RM 28nett
A18. Teriyaki Salmon RM 35nett
A19. Mixed Fresh Vegetarian and Mushroom RM 28nett
Baked Cheese Add On RM 6.00

Poultry & Meat
A20. BBQ Skewer Chicken RM 28nett
A21. Marinated Miso Chicken RM 28nett
A22. Marinated Cilantro Chicken RM 28nett
A23. The Rack of Lamb - Balinese Marination RM 120nett
A24. The Rack of Lamb - Sea-Salt Marination RM 120nett
A25. Miso Beef 140G RM 45nett
A26. Premium Tenderloin Beef 200G RM 95nett
Fish & Shellfish
A27. Sake Barramundi Fish, Broccoli, Mushroom RM 35nett
A28. Slow Cooked Salmon Served Medium Done, Mushroom Ragout, Balsamic Reduction RM 35nett
A29. Baked Mozzarella Cheese Salmon RM 45nett
A30. Seared Canadian Cod Coated with Lemon Vincotto RM 95nett
A31. Cod Fish & Chip with Tartar Sauce RM 95nett
A32. Batter Fish and Chip (Barramundi) RM 35nett

A33. Tiramisu Cake RM 11nett
A34. Cheese Cake RM 12nett
A35. Coconut Panna Cotta Mango and Passion Coulis RM 11nett

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